How to punish someone who hurt you

How to punish someone who hurt you

You must be thinking, why should anyone be trying to hurt another person intentionally. How to cast a spell on someone Please know that no religion allows hurting an innocent person. That’s not the intention of this post. The idea is to discourage any destructive or damaging behavior towards you. You may have noticed how some people can be jealous of you for some unknown reason. Sometimes that jealousy and hatred can take ugly form and that person won’t hesitate from going above and beyond to hurt you. Such people often resort to black magic to bring people down.

If you sense that someone is trying to hurt you, you can discourage that behavior by casting a spell on them that will stop them from advancing their ugly practices. Do you want to know how to do that? If yes, then keep reading.

How to cast a spell on someone

First of all, create fresh ablution.

It’s idea to perform this dua right after your everyday namaaz. Doing this in the daytime afternoon would be best.

Take any verse from durood shareef and repeat it 35 times.

Now take a piece of paper and fold it thrice. Write your wish down on it and talk to it as though you were talking to that person who was trying to hurt you. Talk to them and ask them to stop hurting you.

Now take this mantra and recite it 455 times “Gingam ese vey fularey conye volantis mhesa quotro echale patras con calma”

In the memory of Allah Tallah, ask for his help and guidance so you can protect yourself from the dangers that might be lingering around you.

Do this for a month to see the effects. You will notice how within no time, your enemies and anyone who may have been trying to hurt you will automatically back off without you even doing anything. Take comfort in the fact that God is always there with you as long as you are ready to take care of yourself.

Why you should be careful of someone damaging you

Sometimes we are negligent about certain things. We know it in our hearts that someone may be trying to hurt us intentionally. But, out of ignorance of any other reason, we don’t take those telltale signs seriously. How to cast a spell on someone They only realize the seriousness of the situation once the damage is done. But, by then it’s often too late. That’s why when it comes to your safety and wellbeing, being observant and taking that preemptive strike is the only and ideal way. If you sense that someone might be trying to harm you as a way of revenge – take all the necessary steps that you can.

Protecting yourself against the evils

There are all kinds of evil forces in the world. It’s your job to ensure your safety and well being against all those evils that might be lurking in the air. Many people have already used this powerful dua to safeguard their and their family’s well being. How to cast a spell on someone You can also be one of those individuals. As long as you are determined, nothing can stop you from enjoying the kind of life that you want and that you deserve.

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